About Us.

About LUPA Foods

Starting from a small family business, LUPA Foods has grown into THE UK-wide food supplier with foods from all over the planet, creating an exceptional success story as supplier for not only restaurants and wholesale, but for consumers, as well.

Back in the days...

Back in the early 1890’s, Luigi Donatantonio, the founder of our food network has left Italy and arrived on English shores. Missing the culinary delights of his home country, he asked friends from home to send him his beloved foods over from Italy to England. When his fellow Italians in the UK found out, he started selling these imported goods. That’s where LUPA Foods has its origins of importing foods from all over the world – starting in Italy.


From family business to established Top-Player

The company was run as a family business for over a century until it grew so big that investors and management took over the company in late 2007. Still today, we focus on supplying you and our partners with highest quality foods from all over the planet – focusing on special ingredients and foods from our founder’s home country Italy.

We changed - FOR YOU!

Now, we decided to make a change to our established wholesale-business: we are bringing these wonderful, high-quality foods directly to YOU! We are putting an end to the exclusivity of our products being a privilege for bigger partners, and want to give you the opportunity to taste the deliciousness of our well-selected products as well!

Innovation is key

We won’t stop searching for the best quality foods for you. Our expert teams continue to focus on the foods of highest quality, ensuring not only perfect food safety but also pure culinary adventures with smashing taste and new ways of eating. Staying on track with the latest innovations makes LUPA Foods the food you wish to have grown up with and to give along to your next generation.

Our Chefs

Arnaud Kaziewicz

Head Chef

Vincent Green

Sous Chef

Samuel Sims

Restaurant Manager