Egg Gobetti – 10 x 1kg Case [NEW]


Gobetti are characterized by their distinctive curly shape. While they’re lesser known than, for instance, Spaghetti, Gobetti are a masterpiece of balance, emphasizing the taste and aromas of the pasta sauce. Our Gobetti have a perfect cooking consistency, which makes them easy to use and a universal companion for any pasta dish, salad or soup.

Why is there Egg in Pasta? When the flour is kneaded with moisture (from the eggs), the protein forms strands of gluten that give the pasta its structure and strength. As well as providing water for the gluten, eggs also give fat, which enriches the dough, giving it a smooth, silky finish.

These are retail bags of Egg Gobetti in 10 x 1kg bags. The price is for a whole case. The Best Before on this item is 08/2020.

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