Egg Spaghetti – 20 x 500g Case [EXTENDED SHELF LIFE]


Our Egg Spaghetti are the epitome of Italian-ness, the absolute classic of Italian cuisine. Well-known and beloved for their diverse use, Spaghetti are a staple for most British households nowadays. Combine them with our delicious tomatoes, a dash of olive oil and some seasoning, and you get the easiest and most delicious 5-minute-meal there is.

Why is there Egg in Pasta? When the flour is kneaded with moisture (from the eggs), the protein forms strands of gluten that give the pasta its structure and strength. As well as providing water for the gluten, eggs also give fat, which enriches the dough, giving it a smooth, silky finish.

These are retail bags of Egg Spaghetti in 20 x 500g. The price is for a whole case.


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